The Types of Smiles

“Hey.” You smiled.

“Hi.” I replied with my eyes half-opened, trying to lift the muscles on my face to present a smile.

“Good morning.” Your smile now carried a hint of tease, your tone remained gentle as always.

“Would you like some oatmeal?” I was finally awake enough to give a normal warm smile.

You kissed my forehead lightly, said with an evil smile,

“Can I have it after the sex?“

I smiled with my eyes rolled, patted your face a few times, got up and walked to the bathroom.

I washed my face, changed to my lounge wear, tied my hair up to a bun and walked towards the kitchen

You were still in bed, looked at me with an unique smile...almost with a bit of pride.

I responded with a polite yet embarrassing smile, opened the bag of coffee

You took a deep breath, stretched your arms, exhaled with a satisfying smile,

“Mmmmmm…..the smell of fresh morning coffee.”

I shook my head and gave myself a bitter smile.

It is all in my imagination.

 © 2017 S-C Hsu

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