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Very often, guests express how much they enjoy our performances.

People show it in different ways.

Many of them come to us after every concert everyday

Some tell us their life stories

Some say nothing but nod with tears in their eyes

Some make a speech to the entire audience

Some drop a line while seeing us in the gym

Some gave us cards or their sketches of us

Some buy us a bottle of wine in the dinning room

Some only tell us when we happen to take the same excursion together and have a bit more time to chat

We appreciate all of them, they all mean a lot. But this one time, was truly special.

It was during my first contract.

After we bowed for our last concert of the cruise, a gentleman who had never spoken to us walked towards the stage. He was older and he walked very slowly with a bit of effort in each step. The applause had stopped and the venue became quiet. Everyone turned their attention to the man who is now the only one moving and making sound.

The gentleman stopped in front of me, gently handed me a small bouquet, then walked across the stage to the other girl of the group and handed her one as well.

He still did not speak a word.


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